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What is TechOnClick?

What is Techonclick?

I was wondering what should be the first post on this tech blog? I thought a lot, I brainstormed and asked few friends that I have started a tech blog what should be the first post?

Here are some ideas I got from friends;

  • It should be about current situation of corona and how it has effected tech world?
  • Why don’t you write about latest software and new services of google and Facebook?
  • Write about yourself?

After many thoughts I decided to write detailed intro about techonclick.

What is Techonclick?

A tech blog which will cover everything from tech updates to tutorials.

Here is the list of things I will write:

  • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, trading and everything related to it).
  • Freelancing (Major focus will be on online, digital and tech freelancing)
  • 5G and Robotics (About, latest news and updates, how they are going to change the world? and many other things)
  • Online Shopping and Education (Education is become almost FREE and available on youtube and we have decreased our outings to malls and order online, write about this.)
  • How To | Tips and Tricks | Questions and Answers | (Important section about questions people ask)
  • Review on | Mobile | Laptops | Technological Hardware | Auto Industry | And Much More. (Wanna buy next technology and read review first then order.
  • Tech Giants | Google | Facebook | Apple | AliBaba | Many Others
  • Startups |Latest Tech Startups | (Trending tech startups and next big idea)
  • This is not the end, we have many other plans. Will launch time by time, gradually so Stay Connected.

How can anyone Our Team?

Wanna become part of our creative tech team? Email us at or fill up the forms, we will respond shortly.

So tell me in comments, did I do right thing to start with detailed intro?

Author: Imran
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