Oye Hoye just started brand war with lays. | Ad review.

Oye Hoye just started brand war with lays. Here is the latest ad of Oye Hoye and ad review!

Oye Hoye is chips brand which has captured a big market of Lays after its launch. No doubt their taste is good and it is available in multiple flavors.

Oye Hoye just uploaded a video in which 2 teams are playing tug of war with a tagline of our gang is bigger than yours.

Here is the latest video ad by Oye Hoye;


Let me explain the ad first, there are 2 teams, the blue one and the yellow one. They have shown the yellow one as over smart who comes and get ready, when the war begins, the yellow one calls his team and when his team shows up they become 5 and on the other hand blue guy is relaxed and plays like a pro when his team shows up, they are 9 in number. Video ends here with saying;

Our Gang is Bigger than Yours!

What we think as marketer, Yellow one is lays and the blue one is Oye Hoye.

Ad review;

  • Great effort of marketing team but made a little mistake as per 1 comment that they have copied the music, I will share the comment below.
  • As we have been using word “roasting” now adays after youtubers’ fight, Oye Hoye has nicely roasted Lays in the ad.
  • Now they have shown the bigger team and called them gang, what would be Oye Hoye’s response if Lays comes up with “Gang chahe jitni b bari Q na ho smart honi chye”. Oye Hoye Please comment.
  • They have shown the other brand weaker and low in numbers in this ad, now they must be expecting a very good reply from Lays. Dear lays please I am waiting for your response over this.
  • Ad is overall 8/10
    • Concept is amazing (A good burn)
    • Visuals are good.
    • Only music is bit copied.
A comment on the video:

Arham HussainDid anybody noticed that the background music is similar to the Tron legacy OST lol like they took few parts of it and joined them together 😂😂😂

Are you also waiting for lays response to this? I am.

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