How to increase speed of laptop

How to increase speed of laptop?

Are you tired of slowness of your laptop or computer? and cannot afford new machine for now. Here is how to increase speed of laptop.

In this blog I will share the list of things to do to speed up your machine, these simple things can have larger impacts.

Here is the list;

  • Update your laptop regularly
  • Disable Cortona (windows)
  • Control which apps you need when you turn on laptop
  • Close apps which run on background
  • Delete Unwanted Softwares/apps
  • Update drivers
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Check for malware
  • Task Manager
  • Get rid of unnecessary files. DELETE
  • Visual effects
  • Block Auto updates of games
  • Give it a rest

Update your laptop regularly

Windows updates its softwares for a reason, sometimes updates increases your security and other times they fix bugs.
Keep your machine updated will make user experience better.

Disable Cortona (windows)

Cortona is software I used once in my life just to check what is that. It is slowing down your machine, if you are not using it, disable it now before you forget.

Control which apps you need when you turn on laptop

Sometime many apps open themselves when you start your laptop which puts loads on cpu so shut those apps which you close ultimately.

Close apps which run on background

Many apps run on background, you do not see them but they are using cpu and slows down your computer. Try to close all apps which you are not using.

Use task manager, it will tell you which apps or softwares are running.

Delete Unwanted Softwares/apps

Do you have that one software you do not what is that but that is there. Get rid of it as it is using space and cpu.

Update drivers

This is again same point update everything including drivers.

Tips and Tricks

Windows sometimes gives you tips and tricks to teach you how to use it, I know we have been using laptop for long time now so swicth that thing off.

Check for malware

Security is number one thing we are concerned about these days. Always keep a check on malware and if you find any kill it.

Get rid of unnecessary files. DELETE!

What is that old 90s movies doing in your hard drive? Delete it and delete all the things which are using disk space for no reason. They are there to slow down your laptops.

Visual effects:

Visual wallpapers which keep moving absorbs your battery as well as slow down your machines. Stop them.

Block Auto updates of games:

If you are a gamer and you have set your machine to auto update everything you want. Why not turn off auto updates as they are the killers of speed too.

Give it a rest:

Sometimes in a while give rest to your laptop, switch it off for 12-24 hours, I know they are machines but machines do get tired and kill internal parts too.

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