Top Multiplayer Games on Android

Top Multiplayer Games on Android, #9 is my favorite

Getting bored at quratine? we have gathered 30 top multiplayer games on android you can play with your cousins while they sitting at their home and you sitting at your home.

If you are a gamer you may have played all these games before but so many people these days are newbies to gaming. Some people out there sharpening their brain ability by playing mind games, others enjoy racing game and there is third category multiplayer games. This blog is for all the 3rd category Gamers.

  • Online games over the internet.
  • Bluetooth or over the wifi games.

Tip: At the end of this blog I will share my favorite and the best game on android.

Online Games over the internet:

1. Standoff Multiplayer:


You can play this game with friends on the network or join 1000s of others online. This is a mission game where you can be sniper or whatever skills you have.

You can download it Here!

2. Adventure Quest 3D:

This is the new game in the market in which you will find interesting quest and missions.

So what are you waiting for join others by downloading Here!

3. Clash of Clans:

Another cartonic characters game and as the name suggests it is the clash between different clans. In this game you have to build an army, resources and many other things an state should have to fight with another state.

Why not join your clan with friend and attack opposite clan. Download here!

4. Last Day on Earth:

Last day on earth

Ever thought how would be your last day on earth? If not download this game now and experience the last day and survive.

So baically it is survival against zombies and you get better weapons and other resources when leveling up.

You can download the game here on android.

5. PubG

Pub G

PubG is one game making people crazy, we hear so many news that many people face phyciatic issues after playing PubG, it is just not a game but addiction.

This game contains 3 modes;

  • Solo Mode (Where you are all alone)
  • Duo Mode (Where you can play with your 1 friend)
  • Multiplayer Squad Mode (Where you can make squad of more than 3 players)

In this game you will see there is one island and you have to collect weapon and survive, the last person gets it all.

Download Here!

6. Fortnite:

Another exciting multiplayer game most gamers must know about it, if you are new why not downloads it now and experience the game.

This game is with cartonic players has its own building system and complicated weapons. Reaching pro level is quite difficult but you can play with rivals and enjoy the game.

Download Here!

7. Minecraft:

Gamers think it is similar to Quest 3D, in minecraft you are being dropped to unknown island where you have to live and do whatever you feel like.

The game consists of survival mode (Where you have to survive from bad guys there) and creative mode (You do not die for any reason).

Enjoy by downloading from Here!

8. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Are you into racing game and fan of NFS (Need for Speed)? Here is the best raxing game which you can play on your mobile and against 10 other friends or family.

Also if you are a car lover this game is for you, you can select any car, modify it and many other things you will find in this game.

Download here on Play store.

9. 8 ball pool:

8 ball pool

You and your friend play this game daily but due to current locked down situation, you can not go out to your favorite snooker game point then this game is for you.

When your friend is not available you can play it with international players and level up your skills.

Click here to Download on your android phone.

10. Hearth Stone:

A Multiplayer card game. Forget real cards and get your hands on digital card game.

Download Here.

11. Ludo Star:

Ludo Star 2 1.14.73 for Android - Download

Hello to all the ludo lovers, you can enjoy 2 players with your friends and online or you can set private table for 4.

it is available here for download.

2 Players games you can play over wifi or bluetooth;

12. Chess FREE

Chess Free - Apps on Google Play

You can play this game on single device with 2 players.

Available for download on android here.

13. Glow Hockey:

Glow Hockey

I love playing this with my little sister and enjoy when she wins. You can play with your siblings too.

You can download it from here; Click.

14. Racers vs Cops:

Another racing game in our list which can be played over home wifi or bluetooth.

You can select your own role whether you wanna play cop or street racer.


15. Moto Traffic Race 2

I love this game for 2 reasons, one is it’s amazing graphics and other is to race up to show off on digital streets.


Above all games are my favorite, I have played most of them with my friends and family.

The most played game by me is Snooker, Ludo and PubG.

I am excited to your favorite games too, can you share in comments?

Share to all the people who may wanna play these all amazing games on mobiles.

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