How to clear Cache on your browser?

Clearing cache on browser is as easy as 1,2,3 but before discusing how to clear cache on your browser let’s share the details for all the non tech fellows that what is cache?

what is cache?

Cache is some type of software or hardware which saves the data so that it could open the same website faster than before.

For example: If you visit it may take few seconds to open but once it is opened your browser saves the cache of the website. When you visit the next time it will open faster and faster.

You cannot see cache as it is hidden.

How to clear Cache on your browser?

There are two ways to clear cache on your browser;

  • Keyboard Shortcut
  • Browser Setting

Keyboard shortcut;

Just click on these button in this format;

Ctrl + Shift + delete

Once you do that a pop up windows open

If you are using Mozilla it will show like this;

And if you are using chrome browser, it will show like this;

Browser Settings;

1st We will share How to clear Cache on your mozilla in 3 simple steps;




In the end We will share How to clear Cache on your google chrome;

1st Step

2nd Step

3rd Step

Now we have learnt how to remove cache but did you think why is it necessary or what are the benefits of clearing cache?

Here is the list of the benefits;

  • If you have issues in opening browser or having difficulty to open specific website which cache has been stored in your browser, clearing cache will ease down the process and store the new data.
  • Clearing cache helps your browser work faster.
  • It always feel good to have some extra space, clearing cache saves some space.
  • To secure your computer. Sometimes some caches keeps records and some one spy on you so it is better to get rid of that.

How usual we should clear browser cache?

Well whenever you remember it, just do it. It is recommended to do once in a week else once in a month.


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Images taken from Chrome, Mozilla browser and google images.