what is 5G

What is 5G?

What is 5G?

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We have reached the year 2020 and it is the round of 5G.

Do you know what is that? How does this technology work? If you want to know all these things, then you must read this article.

The speed of 4G has changed our life and the way we use our smartphones but 5 G is now here with faster speed and lower latency.

5 G is the fifth generation of mobile networks and a software-based network developed to increase the speed, increase the data quantity and functionality of wireless networks.

Mobile phones and our relationship are old enough and strong and in addition to the earlier basic phones, the current generation of people use smartphones. So with the changing look and functions of mobile phones, our generation is now moving forward to this new technology.

What is its speed?

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Speed of 5G is 10 gigabits per second. It will mean that a two-hour HD movie will take approximately seven minutes to download or may be in six seconds because the potential is much more than 4G. It will allow devices to communicate with virtually zero lag time.

You will forget buffering when watching any video even 4K on this. It is capable of delivering ultra low latency which is actually the signal speed between your mobile phone and tower and multi KBPS data speed.

The basis of 5G technology is designed by following techniques:

  1. Millimeter wave
  2. Full duplex
  3. Beheading
  4. Tiny sales
  5. Bidirectional large bandwidth

Who is functioning on it?

It is being operated by 3gpp, it is a group of entire mobile ecosystem companies, who all are performing on this.

Frequency spectrum:

It is divided into:

  • Millimeter waves
  • Mid-band(speed up to 1Gbps).
  • Low-band

So the low-band spectrum has sub-1Ghz spectrum.


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Imagine the world with high speed without fiber wire or any kind of wire. How will it change the world?

Everyone related to the wireless industry says that within the end of the last decade, 5 G is going to be introduced to people in 2020.

Nokia said that drivers of cars are going to be ready to drive safely and scientists are going to be ready to operate using robots in remote areas.

This light speed technology will enable people to manage their overall health because of vital signs and fitness levels in real time.

It will enhance user applications and automatically improve the quality of everyday life. It will connect autonomous vehicles. It would also link a network of sensors built around a city,  so that these cars would be able to drive around without bumping into other vehicles.

Another great advantage is that you are going to be ready to send data back to a really fast network. 4G has always been about retrieving data but the network with 5 G can handle this data very efficiently. You will get good connectivity during traveling. 5G is the weapon used by the military because 5 G mili-meter wave technologies are used to scatter crowds.

Most older devices are not capable of 5G therefore replacing all of them with new ones are often costly.

Differences between 4G and 5G:

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Question: What are the differences between 4G and 5G?

There are several differences between them;

  • It uses a far better spectrum than 4G.
  • Quicker than 4G.
  • Contains more capacity than 4G.
  • Less latency than 4G.
  • More efficient than 4G.
  • Uninterrupted connectivity.
  • Risk of overcrowding

Even you can have parallel multiple services like you can get information about weather and location while you talk.

So 5G will accelerate the move towards a transformed  ecosystem where big data combines within seconds, automation and intelligent machines and it will power the next generation of wireless infrastructure in cities and provide a new level of visibility to users.

Disadvantages of 5G:

  • Developing infrastructure which absolutely needs high cost.
  • Technology is still under process and privacy concerns yet to be solved.
  • Old devices can’t compete with 5G.
  • Phones using 5G service will face a huge battery drain and hot to touch while using 5G.

Is it safe?

What do you think of when you hear 5G? Does it excite you? Or does it scare you? Is radiation from 5G safe?

Because some doctors said that it may increase the chances of brain cancer and tumors. This issue with 5G highlights because of its extremely high frequency. It is ionizing radiation that may be harmful and as such it is known to damage cells and can cause cancer. 5G is coming faster than you blink and it will definitely change the way the world connects to the internet and this may seem like a surprising advancement in technology.

Challenges of 5G

Starting from 1G to 5G, technology has faced many challenges.There are many countries that still have just 2G, 3G technology and people still don’t know about 4G so far. So the basic challenges of 5G is a huge part of any upcoming development.

Technological challenges which include efficient medium access control and traffic management, multiple services and infrastructure.

Just imagine, forget cars for a second and think of all robotic devices and surgeries that could be performed from other countries,  and a fleet of modified drones flying over a Field of crops with the help of sensors on the ground to feed all the plants.

5G is about to be a comparable alternative to the National broadband network. However 5G won’t replace the necessity of NBC. But it will bring many perks of a hard and fast line connection and the potential of 5G is almost limitless and faster than a fixed wireless network.

China wants to become a master in 5G and working furiously to be the first in the world to make the service commercially available during 2020. In march 2018, Baidu which is the Chinese search Engine Company, successfully tested a self-driving car, connected to a 5G network. 5G is one the priorities in rising counties.


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