Google Lens Use can now solve your Math problems.

Google Lens Use can now solve your Math problems.

Google Lens Use:

Google Lens Use have been increased in students around the world lately. From helping in pronunciation to search anything via images, it can help you with loads of things.

Company is now introducing same feature as photomath, which will help students solve math problem very easily in just few steps.

What is photomath?

It is an app which helps you solve problems when you point your smart phone camera to the problem written on the page, it solves it and shows it to you.

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How Google Lens can solve math problems?

The above is google lens education mode, which helps solving math problems.

Now the question is;

Will google lens education mode be able to solve complex math’s problems like photomath or it will be just basic math?

What else you can do on google lens?

  • Did you know that you can check any products prices using google lens too? Yes you can. Just take a picture of any product and it will take you to google and google will show you look alike pictures from different stores online.
  • On the other hand you will be able to know landmarks and places just moving your phone’s camera. This feature is in process as it still does not provide accurate locations.

Previously google announced FREE Google MEET which is actually premium and paid service. Check here;

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