Google Meet FREE for all now

Google Meet FREE for all now!

Google Meet Free:

Google's video chatting app aims to compete with Zoom
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Previously it was premium service of google where user had to subscribe to the services and pay for it.

Keeping the current situation Google has made Google Meet Free for all.


Zoombombing, they are calling the act. It is when your data is leaked or some random guy looks into your private meetings.

Back then when all this pandemic situation started ZOOM was the best available option for all the users even google employees were using it and Google had to ban its employee not to use Zoom.

Zoom Sued Over 'Zoom Bombing,' Privacy and Security Issues ...
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On the other hand Zoom has some real issues regarding privacy. They can look up your conferences most of the time and it is easy for people to get it there.

Majority of the people had already left or deleted or moved to other solutions but as Google has stepped in as FREE tool, it will the top priority as brand says it all.

Google has taken a great step to stay the Queen of the internet.

Here is what google said in one of its blog posts;

“invested years in making Meet a secure and reliable video conferencing solution that’s trusted by schools, governments and enterprises around the world.”

How to use Google Meet Free?

You will need a Gmail account to sign in to the premium app whcih is now FREE. The conference will have a 60 minutes cap where the call will end after 60 minutes.

If you have not access to FREE Google Meet yet, hang in there. Google says it will be rolled out to many people in the next few weeks.

How many organization or users are the member of the premium Service?

As per the information shared by Google, it is being used by almost 6 million businesses including schools, hospitals and banks.

Is it free for lifetime or for now?

Well, like you all I had the same question but enjoy it for now till we get update on it and we definitely will share it with you all.

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