Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks uses Robots to cheer up during game

Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks uses Robots to cheer up during game.

As the pandemic goes on Japanize baseball team came up with idea to gather robots which would dance on the team’s song.

Here is the video, have a look;

Due to social distancing sports has been effected the most due to keeping social distancing and new normal will have to be like that.

Previously in any match grounds were crowded and it could encourage players but recently when there is a rule of social distancing, Japnize baseball team Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks used Robots to cheer up during game against Rakuten Eagles.

They placed 20 robots and they were from the company of Softbank humanoid Pepper robots and Boston Dynamics’ Dog robots Spot.

Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks - Robots - Rakuten Eagles

Question is can they replace human beings in new normal?

Obviously they cannot give that joy which people could but this is nice touch letting whole world know the innovation in the field of robotics.

What else these robots can do?

These are used by many departments including health departments to detect diseases and police department to detect bomb etc.

Here is what people say about these robots on twitter;

Indeed they have taken over million of people’s jobs and another millions of jobs will be taken over by these in next few years or may be months.

Banks have come online, they have robotic machines for the transactins and verifications.

I don’t think so, they don’t eat food, drink water or sleep with each other, what would they need money for?

What do you think about these robots, please share your feedback in comments and discuss.


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