You can stream in background in new netflix feature. Details:

You can stream in background in new netflix feature. Details:

Netflix keeps coming up with new features every often. Following the trend of background streaming netflix has also stepped in to come up with background streaming where user will be able to do what they want on their screens and netflix will keep playing in the background.

This feature is available in almost all premium services including youtube, MX player, spotify etc.

What is netflix new feature?

This feature will allow you to listen to audio of the videos while you can play other apps on your screens. Now it will be easy for users to jump over other apps keeping netflix running in background.

Another amazing thing is that user can switch off the screen and it will only play in audio which is going to be life saver of internet data usage.

When this feature will be available?

Reports say that team XDA developers has reverse engineered the APK of netflix’s 7.9.1 version. This means it is revealed that it is going to get background play feature. They are calling it audio.

Date of launch is not out yet as no confirm sources has approved it so far. Also this may not be confirm addition as this may be only available for APK version.

Here is what people are saying about this;

  • This is stupid as why would I open netflix to stram audio where I am here only to watch videos.
  • What would you call me when I do not watch movie but only listen to it? Stupid right?

Here is what I think;

I guess netflix new feature will bring more content on netflix eg podcasts or audio books or netflix music may be? No?

What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in comments section.

Also netflix has so many documentaries which are worth listening in audio instead of videos.

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