Ludo Star Cheats which take your game to next level

Ludo Star Cheats which take your game to next level

Ludo Star Cheats:

Ludo Star is one of the most famous games or apps which got viral during this locked down and it’s downloads on android play store reached to millions in few months.

With Increase of fame everyone wants to know cheats or tricks of the game.

Here is top Ludo Star cheats which we have observed;

How to get six in ludo star?

Getting 6 is easy in Ludo Star, You just have to play around the clock available in the game. There is 3 steps to get 6 every time you play your turn;

1) Wait for the clock to reach 00:15 seconds

2) Roll the dice when it hits 00:15 seconds. Do not delay

3) There are 90 – 95% chances that you will get 6 or bigger numbers on dice

We should always write after the confirmation from any source, we have received this information from a youtuber who seems Pro Ludo Star;

https://youtu. be/NM5BiqGwOsM

Ludo Star Review:

Good things about Ludo Star;

  • You can play 4 players as well as 2 players.
  • Private table is available if you do not want to play with others but your friends.
  • There is an option you can earn free coins and gems by watching ads and playing lucky number.
  • Every win leads you to level up. The more kills and wins, the more level.
  • Dice can be changed and make it better to get better numbers.


How do you win at Ludo Star?

If you want to increase your chances of winning at Ludo Star, focus on blocking your opponents and building a safe path for your pieces. You need to use strategy to move your pieces efficiently. Try to knock your opponent’s pieces off the board whenever you can. A pro tip: try to get as many of your pieces as possible out in the beginning to give you more options during game play.

Is Ludo Star scripted?

No, Ludo Star is not scripted at all. The complete game is based on random dice rolls, and the moves made by players like you are determined by their choices and useful strategies.

How can I increase my Ludo Star level quickly?

To increase your Ludo Star level quickly do following;

  • Play regularly and win games to earn experience points
  • Complete daily tasks
  • Participate in events to earn more rewards and experience points in the game

What is the difference between Ludo Star and Ludo King?

The main difference between Ludo Star and Ludo King is both popular mobile games based on the traditional board game, Ludo. However, Ludo Star has some additional features like emojis, gifts, and chat options, while Ludo King allows you to play with more players at once.

Which is your favorite? :p

Is Ludo Star a game of luck or strategy?

Ludo Star is a game that combines both luck (algorithm) and strategy. While dice rolls determine the moves you can make, your choices and decisions of moving dice during game play also play a significant role in determining your success.

How do I play Ludo Star with friends online?

To play Ludo Star with friends online

  • Download the app
  • Connect with your friends through social media or by inviting them to join a private game room.
  • Once you’re all connected, you can start a game and play against each other.

What happens if you get three sixes in a row in Ludo Star?

In Ludo Star, getting three sixes in a row allows you to move a piece from your starting area onto the board. However, if you roll three sixes in a row more than once during the same turn, your turn is forfeited, and you cannot move any of your pieces.

What is the best color to choose in Ludo Star?

The choice of color in Ludo Star does not affect your gameplay, so the best color to choose is entirely up to personal preference, whatever you like.

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