Why world is moving towards freelancing business

Why world is moving towards freelancing business?

What is Freelancing business?

Freelancing means you possess any skill and you sell your services based on that skill. Either you could do it online and work for global clients like most of freelancers do in these recent times or you just go to your local market and find clients and take baby steps to your own business.

Nowadays jobs are lowering down, robots are coming up and taking over human jobs. On the other hand economy crisis has demoted job market around the globe.

Why world is moving to freelancing business?

Well there are number of reasons for this, but in this article I am going to define the major ones which come in to my mind;

  • You actually do not need an MBA degree for this.
  • Companies want to get work done at lowest possible rates.
  • Ease in lifestyle
  • You are employee of your own
  • Work anytime from anywhere
  • Do the work which you love
  • Room for new skills
  • More income
  • Grow your business

You actually do not need an MBA degree for this:

Gone the days when people used to ask which degree you have done, nowadays people ask what skills you have. They do not ask how much GPA you got instead they want to know what things you did in college or university.

Recently google just announced skills certifications and many educational institutes are offering masters of specific skills rather than Masters of Business Administration or any other degree.

Companies want to get work done at lowest possible rates:

Economy has hit very hard on companies, most of business owners outsource small tasks rather than hiring permanent employees. Because, it saves time, cost and you get the best from the best.

Ease in lifestyle:

While at job you have to be in office by 9 AM and you cannot leave before 5 or 6. On the other hand in the freelancing business you set your own time and can change anytime you want.

You can attend marriage ceremony of your best buddy or you can attend anyone’s funeral without asking for anyone’s permission.

You can take your family to the park or do the grocery for home. The best of all is that you can focus on one project at a time and complete it and choose the next project as per your schedule and skills.

You are employee of your own:

Most of the times you may have faced that stupid reaction of your boss when you get late for 5 mints or so but in freelancing business you do not need to report anyone but you.

Work anytime from anywhere:

Well as a blogger, I can write content from my mobile notepad even when in washroom or traveling with friends. I can deliver in time and from any corner of the world, all I need is internet.

Do the work which you love:

I hated typing my Boss’s presentations or reports on his behalf but in freelancing business I do what I love, I dont need to go to take prints for my boss or take morning coffees or even welcome anyone in the morning from his car.

I love writing for bloggers, here you are reading my blog. cheers.

Room for new skills:

Now you get time to improve your own self while you are free or whenever you want. You do not need permissions to attend any learning session or training.

More income:

No more fixed salaries and no more unpaid overtimes. You get what you work for sometimes better than you thought.

The more you work the more you get paid. Every project varies from $5 to #1000s..

Grow your business:

Once you started making clients, you can grow your freelancing business by adding office and staff members.

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