Whatsapp conference call 8 people

Whatsapp conference call now allows 8 people.

Whatsapp conference call:

In the current marathon of video calls conference rooms Facebook is not left behind, competing the market as Social King of the internet. Whatsapp conference call now connects 8 people at a time.

Previously 4 people could join the conference room on app but few days back we heard the news that it is planning to increase the number of people and here it is.

Is it for both IOS and Android users?

Unfortunately No. This feature is available on IOS only.

How to use Whatsapp conference call?

Simply update the current app to newer version. The people you will add in the room, all should have updated app else they will not be able to join in.

Go to your apple store now and update app and enjoy it.

When it will be available for android users?

Facebook Co. has not confirmed any specific date or any news related to android users.

If you are android users, till then stay connected with TechOnClick and we shall update you when we have any news on this.

You may use whatsapp as communication or social app but most of the 3rd world countries it is used a professional app for business handling. Almost every communication is recorded on it, why?

  • FREE of cost
  • Provides backup services.
  • User friendly.
  • And many other reasons.

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