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If Facebook was a Country?

If Facebook was a Country?

It would be more demanding than china. Why? Because china produces cheapest products in all over the world where as Facebook provides cheapest digital marketing to the businesses of whole world and can communicate every user in unique way.

Another cool thing about if Facebook was a country is that it will be the top country with diversified people from all the backgrounds of the world.

Let’s do some Maths;

Total Population of the world:

  • Total Population of the world is 7.7 billion
  • Chinese on earth are 1.47 billion
  • Facebook users are 2.7 billions

The Power of Facebook:

In my opinion it would the most powerful country in the world, even more that US. You see recently how it blocked communications of ex president of US? It can block anyone and anytime.

On the other hand with single campaign it can reach to millions and billions of people if it run any political campaign and rule out to anything.

Tourist spot:

If Facebook was a physical country it would be more expensive for visitors, travelers and tourists. Everyone would love to visit it, here is why;

  • Amazing set of places and tourist spots in single country.
  • Spots which could never be explored if there were no FB.


  • Could have been 1st country where there would have been top diversification.
  • Amazing set of children because of mutual diversification.

If Facebook were not created but discovered;

Now this is just a story so don’t mind. Here is how we would read FB’s history if it was discovered;

  • Mark Zuckerberg discovered Facebook in 2004 when he was traveling in to digital world along with his friends.
  • Few of his friends went back as the journey seemed long and no excitement while 2 others moved along.
  • Initially he started inviting students to visit his country but later on he named it as Facebook.
  • Since it’s discovery it is growing massively and left 2 countries behind China and India.

I would move to it and would not miss a chance If facebook were a country? How about you?

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