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What is Cryptocurrency? Basic things everyone should know.

What is Cryptocurrency?

It would not be wrong if I say it is future’s global currency where you will not have money note or physical coins but digital coins in the form of crypto.

It is the digital medium which is used to conduct financial transactions around the globe.

The most secure digital payment system which is nearly impossible to get into is used known as blockchain in cryptocurrency.

Another cool thing about this is it is not controlled by any state or any government but it works on it’s own.

Two parties make transactions using private or public keys digitally. Yes a small fees is deducted during the transaction.

Above was the definition, now let’s have a look on the;

History of cryptocurrency:

The concept of digital currency is old but fewyears back an unknown inventor of bitcoin, people now call him as Satoshi Nakamoto.

His aim was to make something which was never introduced before or noone thought about. In this blog in year 2008 he said he has introduced or developed amazing thing and called it peer to peer electronic cash system.

This system is completely decentralized and without any server or any kind of central authority.

In this way this all started and today many people have invested in this and make transactions.

what is cryptocurrency trading:

Have a look on the below picture to understand it better;

what is cryptocurrency

What does crypto mean?

Well crypto is taken from the greek word kruptós which means secret or hidden.

The meaning fits perfectly on the purpose of the currency. Secret or hidden currency which no one can control or access to it.

The future of cryptocurrency:

Where it is important addition in the tech world, many of people say it has the bright future others say it is not stable currrency it keeps fluctuating, as we cannot see who is investing how much and when so no one can predict the value.

Sometimes it has great value in the market but other times it hits lowest possible.

Best cryptocurrency;

Here is the list of currencies which are on top;

What is Cryptocurrency

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Investment in cryptocurrency

Many people have earned from it and others have lost all their money. So think twice before investing.

There are so many ways you can earn from it, here are few;

  • Crypto Trading
  • Minning the crypto
  • Use crypto for people and earn some commission
  • Many others.

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