Tongyi Qianwen - Alibaba AI-powered language model similar to GPT

Tongyi Qianwen – Alibaba AI-powered language model similar to GPT

Everyday we hear new noise in AI industry, this AI game is changing the way we used to think and work online. Chinese company Alibaba introduced its new AI-powered language model, Tongyi Qianwen on Tuesday.

This is similar to GPT (a text based AI which is already ruling the internet).

On the other hand, along with the launch of new AI technology, the Chinese government also revealed a draft law stating that new AI must “reflect socialist values.”

Let’s have a closer look at Alibaba’s new AI model & China’s proposed regulations.

What is Tongyi Qianwen?

  • A new AI language model created by Alibaba.
  • It can;
    • Draft invitation letters
    • Summarize meeting notes
    • Advise users on makeup purchases.
  • The model will be integrated into;
    • Alibaba’s workplace messaging app
    • DingTalk, and its voice assistant
    • Tmall Genie.
  • Users will be able to customize the model to create their own large language models.

Why is Alibaba creating Tongyi Qianwen?

According to Alibaba Group CEO Daniel Zhang;

The company wants to stay ahead of the game and embrace intelligence transformation. Tongyi Qianwen will bring about big changes to the way we work, produce, and live our lives.

What is China’s proposed AI regulation?

The proposed regulation by the Chinese government is aimed at regulating generative AI services;

  • Companies will be required to submit their AI products for a security assessment before releasing them to the public.
  • Providers of generative AI services must require users to submit their real identities.
  • Measures must be taken to prevent discrimination when designing algorithms and training data.
  • The content generated by generative AI must reflect core socialist values.

What are the implications of the new regulation?

  • The proposed regulation may affect companies introducing publicly available AI models.
  • It aligns with the Chinese government’s desire to promote innovation and reliable software while ensuring that AI reflects socialist values.
  • The new regulations are expected to come into force later this year.

Here are few Questions to consider:

  • How will Alibaba’s new AI model affect workplace communication and productivity?
  • What implications will China’s proposed AI regulations have on the development of AI technology?
  • How can businesses ensure that their AI models reflect core socialist values?


Alibaba’s new AI language model, Tongyi Qianwen, represents the company’s commitment to innovation and transformation.

However, China’s proposed AI regulation is a reminder that as AI continues to evolve, so must the regulations surrounding it.

As we move forward, it’s important to consider the implications of new AI technology and how it can align with our values and society as a whole.

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