Key takes from Pre Budget Business Conference in Pakistan

Key takes from Pre Budget Business Conference in Pakistan

Pre Budget Business Conference held in Pakistan and here is the top key points we have taken from the conference.

Our Governments:

Did you know every government blames previous government for the policies, blame game is never ending game in Pakistani politics, no one wants to implement the previous government’s policy and create new from scratch and that is reason no law is made for such policies.

We need to accept good things and collaborate and stop this non sense blame game and do some real work.

Judiciary System of Pakistan;

Did you know that a judge of Karachi is sitting on major judgment of banks for 2 years and 5 months and not announcing it.

It seems like courts are not for justice but an obstacle to justice.

Pakistani Airports;

Major airports in Pakistan work like a police station where police arrests the criminals and put people on exist list. Mostly in the world airports run by private companies to give better services with major focus on serving passengers and people. We should re think to privatize airports and other government businesses.

If not willing to privatize then we need to focus hard to make it better.

Here is what leading business owners had to say in the conference;

Mr Mansha;

I am telling you, if you don’t bring major reforms, Pakistan will never get out of poverty.

On the other hand, Mr Salim Ghari said;

IT has potential to multiply billions of dollars $ exports in 2-3 years. IT entrepreneurs don’t need support or subsidies from government as they are self reliant. They only need government not to create hurdles in their ways.

Lastly you can watch Mr Prime Minister’s speech on youtube anywhere, I did not find it worth sharing

Author: Imran

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Note: the content is inspired by CEO Nayatel, Mr Wahaj.

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