Huawei is installing Harmony OS for Huawei PCs

Huawei is installing Harmony OS for Huawei PCs. #News

Harmony OS for Huawei:

Few months back when Google banned Huwaei to use android and after that they had contract to use android further more. Since then Huawei is talking about Harmony OS for Huawei.

What is HarmonyOS:

HarmonyOS is next big thing for HUwaei lovers, it is an operating system like windows, like android and like IOS.

For now we cannot say much about it, how will it be, will it be user friendly? what difference will it make and tons of other questions.

Currently Huawei is using this OS in few smart phones honor and some smart TVs. But for laptops it is going to be 2.0

But the latest news is that;

Huawei is installing Harmony OS for Huawei PCs.

Huwaei is the chineese mobile company which is all set to step in to laptop market with HiSilicon Kunpeng processor and Harmony 2.0

We heard this news from tipster who may not be official;

This is again not confirmed news but it is out in the market that China with Huawei planning to stock out PCs in near future too.

So my future blogs be from Huawei Harmony OS. Just Kidding I am fan of Apple.

Last year at the big event HDC Huawei Developer Conference the company shared this information that they are coming up with an alternate to Android OS and they named it as HongMeng OS known as HarmonyOS. They also said that it will be launched in 2020.

We are expecting it’s launch in the next upcoming event HDC.

Like you we are also waiting for the confirmed news, Team TechOnClick will share as soon as we get news from official sources.

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