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How to hide apps on phone?

How to hide apps on phone? Last time I had this question when my girl friend asked me to check out my phone and since that she has not replied to my texts.

I opened google and search few things then I thought why should not I write about this as there would be so many fellows who might face the same issue everyday when their better half asks about phone for a call.

Well nothing to worry, did you know that hiding apps on phone is very easy. In this article I will share with you 2 things;

  • Hide apps on Android phones?
  • Hide apps on iphone (IOS)?

How to hide apps on Android phones?

Android providers in the market is many, it is not one company out focus will be Samsung and Huwaei phones which are 2 major users of android.

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There are three ways to do it;

  1. Disable all those apps which are built in
  2. Use 3rd party app/launcher
  3. Put secret lock

Disable all those apps which are built in:

Our phones come up with loads of apps which we may never use or use once in a blue moon. So If you want to hide these apps in your adroid phone you have to disable them from settings.

  • Open Settings
  • Click on Applications
  • Press Application manager
  • Choose which application you want to disable.
  • Disable it

Use 3rd party app/launcher

This is the 2nd way of getting rid of unnecessary apps or apps you want to hide from people who may use your mobile.

Android or google play store come up with loads of launchers, recommended for this act is Apex launcher.

  • Search it in google play store.
  • Download it and install it
  • Follow the instruction and hide apps on your androind mobile.

Put secret lock

Another feature is amazing but it is not available in all of the phones, does your phone has this option, to know this you need to check it out in setting and privacy.

Did you know that most of the time even dial pad act as a lock in phone.

How to hide apps on iphone (IOS)?

Do not worry if you own an apple iphone you can enjoy this feature as well. But you may not have multiple options like android users do.

How to Hide Apps on iPhone or iPad (No Jailbreak) - YouTube

Here is how you can hide apps on your iphone;

Create a folder and hide your apps in it. Mostly people do not visit folders with weird names.

So create folders and name them whatever you want.

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