Moving toward next level tech comes up with security concerns. Most of us are concerned about compromising our systems. The day is not away when there will be cyber war instead of weapons and nuces.

Although it is already going on but on small scale. Countries are developing cyber armies.

Well back to the topic, how to tell if your computer has been hacked or compromised?

In this blog I will share list of ways How to tell if your computer has been hacked or you are on the radar of hackers;

  1. Additional Extensions or Toolbars in the browser
  2. Automatic Redirection to unknown website
  3. Annoying Pop ups
  4. Your friends receiving stupid emails
  5. Change in passwords
  6. Antivirus auto disabled
  7. Unnecessary click with mouse
  8. Reduction in bank funds
  9. Antivirus notifications

Additional Extensions or Toolbars in the browser:

Web browser is a private thing only you can see it although browser owner knows what you are doing but it will not add things itself, so if you see any anonymous or weird extension on your browser know that your system is on high risk.

You need to uninstall it right now or reinstall the browser or contact your security guy.

Automatic Redirection to unknown website:

Everyone on the internet doing scams for money, some useless and cheap hackers do this to take you to click baits website. What happens is that when you search anything on your system, and hacker has access to it, it will take you to their desired websites so that they could install malware or any other program in your system.

Annoying Pop ups:

Do you get these pop ups where it says where are your going? why not subscribe? Well it is action of spam on the internet.

Previously you were not seeing such ting ting but now you do, it means someone got into your system.

Not all pop ups are nasty, if you can skip them or you can block them that’s fine pop up and used for marketing only.

Your friends receiving stupid emails:

How is that possible that your friend is receiving email with your name but you actually did not send it, that means the friend who has been spying on you is doing this.

Informing a friend may help in recognizing it as spam, if you receive any such email ask your friend before clicking it.

Change in passwords:

If the bad guy has your password, s/he will surely change it so that you could not access it.

So to be at safe side, always activate 2 way authentication or enable OTP option and yes keep all passwords different so that if one is compromised you could save others timely.

Antivirus auto disabled:

Always keep an eye on your system’s security, if you are using antivirus, look out for it, keep it updated.

If it suddenly gets deactivated or disabled , know that some one has entered into your system and there is something fishy.

Unnecessary click with mouse

I hope you never face this but hackers can get into your mouse and can click wherever they want. If you face such issue know that you have been hacked.

Obviously those geeks are not dumb, they will not do such activity when you are using system, it mostly done when you are offline.

Reduction in bank funds:

Did you see that you just transferred $1 to someone and you just ignored it because it is $1.

Be careful if someone can withdraw $1 s/he can add multiple zeros too.

Instantly ask your bank or deactivate online transactions in such cases.

Antivirus notifications:

At first I felt same as you are, how can my system can be compromised if I am notification of antivirus, so these are again type of click baits when you click and there you give access to other person.

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