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Facebook Hosting Service soon to hit Digital World

Facebook Hosting Service:

It is going to be giant hosting service in the world. Facebook which is digital continent of the earth has decided to come up with it’s own hosting service where we will be able to host our websites and servers.

Facebook announced this in their recent blog on their official website.

Click here for blog.

Quick questions and answers related to facebook hosting service.

Will it be free or paid?

Well, hosting will be paid for small and medium sized companies. It is going to be affordable and better features.

When we can use it?

As mentioned in the blog, it will be launched in very near future like next few months.

They shared the list of partners which will put hands in this project.

Here is the list.

I am excited to see this service and more excited to use it. What are your thoughts about this? Please tell us in comments section below.

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