Facebook Ads Problems increases in 2021

Facebook Ads Problems increased in 2021 – reports

Facebook Ads Problems have increased massively as reported on social media, here are few issues users are facing including me;

  • Facebook ID disable
    (Most of the ids got disabled for lifetime including mine)
  • ADs account disable
    (Ads accounts got disabled without any proper justification)
  • Low ROI
    (Return on Investments have decreased massively)
  • Fake leads
    (Advertisers are facing fake leads or I should say useless leads)
  • High competition

Reasons could be many including technical but here is what we have seen the feedback;

  • It is because of privacy issues with apple
  • Or because of recent incident of whatsapp policy issues.

Privacy issues with Apple:

Recently Apple has stopped FB to track it’s users data, by doing this FB cannot see the behaviors of Apple users and this way they can not target them for the advertisements.

Recently we have seen this notification from the company social media itself.

Whatsapp policy issues:

This was the huge opener for year 2021, FB roleld out an update to all the whatsapp and whatsapp business users that they will be sharing the data with FB and if you disagree to that you will not be able to use after 8th Feb and this got hike.

Twitter was bombarded with tweets against FB and whatsapp policy. Although they have given explanations multiple times but till that most of the people panicked and started finding the alternates.

At that time world’s top richest man tweeted to use “signal” and signal got 1000+% increase in downloads in just 2-3 days.

Most of the advertisers are saying that people have stopped using FB or spend less time on the platform and that has caused Facebook Ads Problems big time.

On the other hand facebook has delayed giving the ad reports to advertisers.

Now this is something else needs to be discussed, why is it happening?

What are your views on this? Please let us know so that we could update in better way.

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