eRozgaar program

What is happening with eRozgaar program?

If you are connected with freelance community then you must have heard that trainers are being said bye from eRozgaar program. They have issued 1 month notice period to all the trainers and associated people of the program.

Here is what happening to the eRozgaar program;

  • eRozgaar program started off with certain number of targets which were to achieve in 5 years.
  • Now 5 years have passed and they achieved their target brilliantly including;
    • Number of graduates of the program
    • Earnings per student
    • Total earnings
  • The program was also extended for 2 more years so it became 7 years and it has generated amazing freelancers who now own their small agencies and helping themselves and others in the society.
  • It had ultimate vision to become self sustaining program, all the centers have now been handed over to universities where the program will continue but in self sustaining mode, now this means that it will not be funded by government but will be handled by universities themselves.

Here is the list of alternatives of eRozgaar;

  • Digiskills
  • NFTP (National Freelance Training Program)
  • Digitalidara
  • And youtube

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