use DU sim in dubai

Here is why not to use DU sim in Dubai

It all started when I first landed on tourist land Dubai,  first thing you do is to get the local number so I explored DU sim in Dubai!

Here is why not to use DU sim in Dubai

My Du Story:

When I went to office they offered me FREE sim and I started using it.

I put that number on;

  • All social media including LinkedIn
  • Job portals to get job calls
  • My own CV/resume

But after 20 days, all of sudden I got to know that my sim stopped working. I ran to nearest DU help center, I spotted the staff at Centerpoint metro statio, they said they do not work with visit sims, you will have to visit head office.

I inquire where is that, he said it’s in union (another metro stop).

I went there and there I got to know the real scam and here are things I found;

  • Company reserves the right to ban the visit sims
  • You cannot get the same number even if you present the id.
  • You must have ID (original passport & visa copy) then they can issue new number

So, please do not fall for free number you see on airport and never use DU sim in Dubai. This is the registered company, doing open fraud and no one is taking note of this.

Please comment if you faced the same issue in Dubai, UAE.

  • Is there any way we can put suggestions to authorities so that no one else can get same issue?
  • Who is responsible for the loss I went through?
  • Can you share this blog with some official at DU or telecom authority in UAE?

Well, I could raise my voice using my blog, can you share it so that no body else faces the same when they visit Dubai, UAE?

Lastly, I love Dubai but there are scammers could be companies and individuals, government is very supportive and always working to take the scammers from the country.

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