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Amazing features of Canva Magic – Let’s explore!

It’s October 4 and CANVA Magic is here. Let’s explore (watch after 1 minute 40 seconds)

Features of Canva Magic;

  • Magic Write
    (Write like we do on chatGPT)
  • Magic Switch
    (Change size of the post)
  • Magic Animate
    (Animate in modern way)
  • Magic Morph
    (Change font to most awesome design)
  • Text to Image
    (Just write and it will create image)
  • Magic Edit
    (Edit better)
  • Magic Grab
    (Pick an element from image)
  • Magic Expand
    (Complete image with AI expansion like we do in different AI)
  • AI Apps

Old Blog:

Canva Magic is something new in AI world and here is what we know so far;

Canva Magic:

canva magic

Officially they have not shared much but here is what I think;

  • Upgrade in Canva AI (where we put command/prompt & it generates images)
  • It will take design to next level which can be later used in social media posts

Here is my questions to Graphic Designers?

  • Are you ready for this change?
  • Did you upgrade your skill?
  • How can you incorporate AI in your design career?

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