iOS Beta 14

Bugs found in iOS Beta 14

iOS Beta 14 is in the market and become the trending topic. Many of us wait for the update because of our expectation of new layout design of iphone.

Well as it is beta version and many users have been using it and reported following bugs they are facing. The issues in iOS 14 reported after the weeks’ usage.

Here is the list of these;

  • Email Notifications;
    It has been noted that mostly users do not get notifications of the emails. Previously we were receiving pop up notifications of new email but in this beta versio of iOS 14 we have to refresh it and then we are able to receive the emails.
    On the other hand selecting multiple email option is not working in the app.
  • Another major issue is that home screen crashes sometime
  • Previously you could see the favorites contacts on contact list and facetime which is missing in this update.
  • 1 user said that maps stopped working while travelling on the road. So do not trust on maps only with this update.
  • You cannot put all widgets on the home screen, some of them do and others don’t. On the other hand you can resize the widget but you have to remove it first from home screen and resize it.
  • Apps like settings and others takes more space and asking again and again that you are on low space.
  • Yes another heart breaking issue is that this version takes little longer to install in some apple devices.

So these bugs are temporary as we all know that beta version is always a testing version of devices, once developers know the bugs they keep on updating.

So high hopes you will be getting improved version at earliest.

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