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Apple Search Engine is in process. [Rumor]

Apple is cooking something and it is going to be tasty. Apple to come up with apple search engine like google, bing and yahoo.

Google Search Engine:

Google being the number one search engine and almost cover up up to 90% market share. It is almost everyone’s default search because of it’s functions and domination.

So how do we guess that it is coming?

  • 2014 = Apple bot started working replacing google bot.
  • 2017 = John Giannandreas joined Apple as Senior VP of AI Strategy and Machine Learning. (Former Google’s Search and AI Chief)
  • 2020 = In IOS14 when you search on home it bypasses google and takes you to website. (Try if you have iphone)

Did you know that;

Every year Google pays around 10 – 12 billion dollars to Apple to stay active as main search engine on all apple devices including, iphones, ipads, laptops and macs.

Now the time is closer when the bond between two companies will end and it cannot be renewed as ongoing case of antitrust against Google by Justice Department of US.

So if not google then Apple has to come up with something either create own or join hands with others.

So the news on street is they will come up with their own.

It is not clear how is it going to be, whether they come up like Google ( or just for quick web search.

Competition is always good for competitors as well as customers. It eventually gives more benefit to users.

Now my questions related to apple search engine are;

Will it be limited for apple users only like currently working in IOS14 or will it be available globally like or others?

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