Apple iphone 15 Colors

Apple iphone 15 features and prices

Let me share apple iphone 15 features;

Apple iphone 15 features are as below;

  • Dynamic Island, a cool new animated feature that tells you stuff, is now on the iPhone 15. It used to be on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, but now it’s on the iPhone 15 too!
  • Apple has changed how you plug in your phone. Instead of the old plug, they use something called USB-C for charging and connecting stuff.
  • The new iPhones will cost at least $799 for the regular one and $899 for the bigger one. You can start ordering them on September 15, and they will come out on September 22.
  • The screens on the new iPhones are bigger and brighter. They can be really, really bright, like 2000 suns!
  • These iPhones come in five pretty colors: pink, yellow, green, blue, and black.
  • The camera on the iPhone 15 takes super clear pictures with 48 megapixels. It can also make things look closer with a 2x zoom, but not as clear as the main camera.
  • Inside the phone, there’s a super-fast brain called the A16 Bionic chip that makes everything work really well.
  • If you need help when you’re stuck on the road, the iPhone 15 can call for help using satellites. It’s like magic! They’re working with AAA to do this in the US.
  • The new iPhones can charge without any wires, and they also work with special accessories that stick to them like magnets. Neat, right?
  • These iPhones are the best ever, with lots of cool stuff, making people who love iPhones really happy. 📱✨

Apple iphone 15 Colors;

Launched in 4 major colors

Apple iphone 15 Colors

After seeing this, many iphone users are not happy with the colors.

Apple iphone 15 price in Pakistan;

The cost includes all taxes for each variant in Pakistan.

apple iphone 15 prices in pakistan

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