Bard vs ChatGPT | 5 incredible things GoogleBard can do that Chat GPT can't

Bard vs ChatGPT | 5 incredible things GoogleBard can do that Chat GPT can’t

Updated blog on: March 16, 2024:
Google has changed name of Bard to Gemini, it’s same AI chat based search but lot better than Bard & chatGPT. So from today, it will be Gemini vs ChatGPT.

Bard vs ChatGPT, like me you also thought that chatGPT is the only powerful AI but let me tell you 5 incredible things GoogleBard can do that Chat GPT can’t.

Recently in Google I/O 2023, Google just announced that BARD will be available in more than 180 countries worldwide and it is FREE.

1. Realtime internet access:

Did you check the weather, USD rates, stock prices, upcoming trends, current global events on ChatGPT? No, because it cannot access realtime internet. It can only access data before 2021 but BARD has real time internet access and it can do wonders and give you real time answers.

2. Summarize web pages:

Since Bard has access to the internet, you can ask it to summarize an article, research paper, or official document simply by posting a link in the chat box and asking Bard to summarize it.

You can also use this feature to ask Bard questions about the linked article, page, or document.

3. Use images as input.

ChatGPT only takes text as input for now but Bard gives you the ability to put images in prompt too and do things like:

• Ask where the image was taken
• Explain what’s happening in the image
• Generate captions for the image that you can use on social media

Although this feature is yet to be announced and it will be rolled out in a few weeks according to Google.

4. Explain code:

Now that we know Bard can access the internet in real time, you can simply share Github link and ask it to explain what the mentioned code is supposed to do.

5. Export

In ChatGPT you copy the content and paste where you require but in Google Bard, you will be able to export to your desired place like Gmail and Google Docs.

As per Google, you’ll also be able to export your output into other apps soon.

If you ask me what I use most between Bard vs ChatGPT, I use both as bard is in beta mode and chatgpt is running on 4th version.

But my future favorite is bard.

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