Tech Giants fighting over tiny things is nothing new, they keep coming up with new discussions, you know rich people’s game.

So before moving further let me share it with you that Apple has been purchasing chipsets from intel but back in year 2018, Apple announced that it is working on their custom chip.

Intel being huge and number one chip provider to apple could not digest it and made some noise, which cooled down Apple for sometime but later in 2019 Apple created it’s own custom silicon and used in M1 which was highly appreciated by the apple user.

Obviously it has to be awesome because it was speedy and lot better than others.

Now topic of discussion is intel is worried that it is going to loose 1 hell of share which is Apple and as per Brandsynario’s article it is going desperate and doing despo actions.

Let’s have a look at Apple M1 MAC?

This is taken from official Facebook page of Apple.


Amazing piece of technology at reasonable rates ($539) along with very strong performance.
Rocket Lake i9-11900K with an 8-core processor has 16 threads
6MB of Intel Smart Cache
Memory speeds DDR4-3200 RAM

M1-based Mac mini desktop computer has 8 GB RAM, 256 GB hard costing $699/.

Intel’s latest action:

Well no comments on this as you gotta listen to the man and assume yourselves.

So what we should learn from this that everything in this world is replaceable, even you.

You leave the job today and you will see list of people in queue outside of HR, don’t believe me? Try it.

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