Whatsapp New Status by whatsapp. So we all know that recently whatsapp has millions of active users due to last update of sharing data with their mother company Facebook.

Most of the people have shifted to Signal, Telegram and Other local communication apps. Although they have shared on their media that it is not what it looks like.

Today when I woke up and was going through whatsapp statuses I found out official whatsapp new status;

Please have a look;


Whatsapp New Status rolls Out Today to all whatsapp users.

It is saying that they are now on status and will let all the users worldwide see their updates and new features here on their official status or story.

This is not the end, here are more pictures,


It is shouting out loud that please keep using our app, we are not stealing your privacy or stepping in to it.


So yes, they are saying that your all communications including messages, voice and video calls are still end to end encrypted and no one can see them.


Lastly, they are saying please look us out, we will update you more here.

So we all have seen that one mistake could cost you millions of dollars and can drain you rapo in minutes.

We also discussed this reason in our other blog where I have shared why FB ads are not giving those results which it used to give. Check here;

Facebook Ads Problems increased in 2021 – reports – TechOnClick

So here is my few questions, you can discuss in comments section too;

  • Will they be able to capture the market again or graph just went down and will come up?
  • Are you still using it?
  • Isn’t it eye opening for all the other apps and services to stay in limits as per customers?

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