What is Google Drive and list of its features

What is Google Drive and list of it’s features?

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is one of finest cloud based storage service to store files and data. A synchronization service developed by Google. It allows us to store files/data in the cloud, share files/data, and edit documents collaboratively online.

Top features of Google Drive;

  • Provides a platform for 3rd party developers to build apps that integrate with Drive.
  • Offers FREE storage of 15 GB, also provide an option to buy additional storage as per your needs.
  • Integrated with following which allow users to create, edit and share documents, spreadsheets and presentations;
    • Google Docs
    • Google Sheets
    • Google Slides
  • Available on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Files can be accessed from anywhere in the world just you need to have internet. Perfect when you need to access or share files while youre away or even travelling.
  • Files are synced across devices via cloud, changes you make to stored files in GD will automatically be synced across all of your devices, means you can start working on a file on your desktop and continue working on it from your laptop or phone.
  • Integrates with other Google products, like Gmail, Google Docs and Google Photos etc. This feature makes it easier to share files with others or team members and collaborate on projects.
  • Secure: Google Drive uses industryleading security measures to keep all of your data safe and secure. All files are encrypted and stored on Googles secure cloud servers.
  • Reliable: A reliable storage solution with 99.9% uptime.You can always access your files when you need to.
  • User friendly: It is designed to be easy to use even if you are non techie or not have any knowledge of cloud based storage. You can learn how to use in minutes.
  • Great value for price: Basic service is free to use until you reach 15 GB storage space. You can upgrade anytime to a paid plan with more features and space starting at just $1.99 per month.

Price of Google Drive;

  • FREE plan comes with 15 GBs.
  • On the other hand there are three paid plans:
    • 100 GB costs $1.99/ month
    • 1 TB costs $9.99/ month
    • 10 TB costs $99.99/ month.
  • An enterprise plan for businesses and schools is also available, starts at $5 per user/month for 1 TB storage.
  • Google Drive for Work starts at $5 per user a month.
  • Google Drive for Education a version for schools offers unlimited storage, advanced security and collaboration features, and integration with Google Classroom, starts at $2 per user a month.

Top alternatives of Google Drive;

GD is popular but this is not the only solution available in the market, there are a number of alternate competitors which offer similar solutions. Here is the list of top competitors to Google Drive:

Microsoft OneDrive:

OneDrive is solution of file storage and synchronization developed by leading tech company Microsoft.

features of OneDrive;

  • Integrated into the Windows OS (operating system) and is also available on the web, iOS, and Android.
  • Offers FREE 5 GB storage, with paid plans which start at $1.99/month includes for 50 GB
  • Integrates with MS Office (good for users who are already comfortable with Microsofts productivity suite


Dropbox comes with FREE 2 GB of storage, with it’s paid plans starting at $9.99/m for 1 TB and more.


  • System of file storage and synchronization developed by Apple, integrated into the Mac and iOS systems.
  • Offers FREE 5 GB storage, with paid plans starting at $0.99/month for 50 GB.
  • Best choice for apple users who already know about Apples products & ecosystem

Amazon Drive:

  • Developed by Amazon.
  • Offers FREE 5 GB space, along with paid plans starting from $11.99/year for unlimited storage.
  • Integrates with Amazons other products and services
  • Best choice for amazon users who already know about Amazons products & ecosystem


  • Offers FREE 10 GB space, paid package starts at $5/month with 100 GB.
  • Integrates with a number of productivity and collaboration tools


  • Provide FREE 5 GB, paid plans starting at $7.49/month with 60 GB.


  • FREE 10 GB of storage for free, with paid plans starting at $4.99/month for 500 GB.


  • FREE10 GB of storage for free, with paid plans starting at $4.99/month with1 TB.


How secure Google Drive is?

Let’s have a closer look at why Google Drive is so safe and secure

  • Encrypted with SSL (All data that stored on GD is encrypted, means that your data is protected while it is in transit and at rest)
  • Gives twostep verification, this adds an extra layer of security to your data.
  • Compliant with HIPAA and other regulations
  • Offers unlimited storage

With this much security it awesome option for both individuals and businesses.

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