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Threads by Instagram – Everything you need to know!

Threads by Instagram announced on July 6th and in less than 4 hours it got 5 million sign ups, breaking so many records in tech industry. They launched over 100 countries at a time making their app available on Apple & Google Play Store for FREE.


What is Threads by Instagram?

It is micro blogging app owned by Instagram where you can write small text form content similar to Twitter. You can write up to 500 characters which can include links, photos and videos of up to 5 mints.

threads by instagram

What are the limitations of Threads?

  • You can only sign in with instagram account, there is no other option available to sign up.
  • No option of direct messaging like twitter has.
  • Hashtags are unavailable like in Twitter or even in Instagram
  • Stats are unavailable, you cannot see the reach and other things for now on threads.

How to Install Threads by Instagram App?

I have created short video on how to install threads, watch it here;

Options it provides;

  • Homepage
    Here you can see all posts from people you follow or suggested people, you may seem people based on your activity.
  • Search tab
    Find people to follow or text to read
  • Creating New post
    Write or post anything new
  • Activity Tab
    This will be for notifications.
  • Profile Tab
    Include your profile information.

Will thread kill Twitter?

As per the features and other factors, I think a big NO, let’s see what happens in near future because of following reasons;

  • Sign Up (Twitter is FREE to use with just email or number but threads you have to use Instagram to use threads which is a question mark on the service)
  • Hashtags (It is 1 big thing to know who is talking about that specific topic)
  • What difference does it make to join Threads?
  • All the big celebs use Twitter, how will Meta get them to use their Threads?

Here is an image I found on internet related to privacy of Threads and Twitter;

app privacy of threads by instagram vs twitter

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