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Be Careful of these Common Scams in Dubai

Scams happen all around the world but who would have thought that you can be scammed in Dubai which is considered to be heaven on planet earth.

In this blog, I will share list of scams which you might face in Dubai, some of them happened with me, some happened with friends and others I found online.

  • Job Interview Scams
  • Black Seed Oil Scam
  • Mobile Scam
  • Taxi Scams
  • Others (Which I didn’t face but happens)

Job Interview Scams in Dubai:

90% people come to Dubai for jobs as it is one of the best economies and tax free
I mentioned in this blog too Why Dubai?


Like everyone else I had faced this scam too, went for job interview and lady asked me money to proceed for job.

Read my complete story in this blog;

(Will share link soon)

Black Seed Oil Scam:

If you have white hair in your beard or head, you may encounter this scam. Mostly in nearby metro stops.

People will come to you and create sense of urgency and tell you that they know a home remedy, mostly Indians do this.

Read my complete story here;

(Will share link soon)

Mobile Scams:

I have not faced these but here is the list of mobile scams in UAE specially Dubai;

  • People come to you to provide you sim cards, once you give them phone they can activate the sim in your name and get the same and could do loads of scams. There is one famous story, that a tourist came to Dubai and he was asked to pay 3500 aed as he used DU sim card but did not pay
  • Scammer could get all your data from phone and can blackmail you
  • You may receive a message saying you have won a lottery, this is old trick but still works in UAE
  • They may ask you to give them phone to call somebody urgently as they are out of balance
  • Comment below if I missed any

Taxi Scams:

They are not common but still happens in some areas of Dubai

  • Taxi Driver can take loads of rounds just to increase the fare and take long routes instead of shorts
  • Few of them has issues with fare meter, but know that if any taxi has meter issue they cannot drive as per the law
  • Most of times people may come to you and ask you that they will drop and later they ask you to give money as they gave you the ride

Other Scams:

  • Always be aware when you carry your credit cards as these scammers have virtual machines which can take money from you by just scanning your cards

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