SadaPay introduces SadaBiz for Freelancers in Pakistan

SadaPay introduces SadaBiz for Freelancers in Pakistan

SadaBiz by SadaPay is going to be game changer in freelancing world. Now you can get payments directly into your SadaPay account.

Top 4 features of SadaBiz;

  • Less bank charges
  • Better exchange rates
  • Tax certificate
  • Higher Limits (Rs. 500000)

Less bank charges:

They claim that they will remove the middle man and transfer all the money into our account, so I am still unsure which middle man they are referring to because upwork payments come directly to any bank accounts and the banks charge same bank/service charges.

Yes if we talk about fiverr, Payoneer works as middle man from fiverr to freelancer bank account, here I am unsure whether they are in coordination with fiverr or not.

If you are from SadaPay and reading this, can you confirm? Also if you know anyone from SadaPay, share this blog with them and update in the comments or reach out to us directly and we shall update.

SadaPay also ensures the payment within 2 days, all other banks clear payments in 2 days if the payment is returning from same account sometimes it takes more time when new payments are received, so again I am not sure how come they are considering the selling point.

Better exchange rates:

Now this may be the catch as Meezan bank or other bank do not give the market competitive rates and charge too much for conversions.

I am not sure how they will do it, but they are claiming it that they will give better rates than most of the banks.

Tax certificate:

With SadaBiz you will get Proceeds Realisation Certificate (PRC) which saves a lot of headache when it comes to taxation.

But how long will it take other banks to introduce the same thing?

Higher Limits (Rs. 500000):

Limits are higher but limited to 500,000 only which means the limit is not higher at all. this is average around $1500 which mostly mid level freelancers earn. So honestly this is not the catch at all.

Yes could be best for the new freelancer not the mid level or pro level freelancers.

How to receive international payments with SadaBiz by SadaPay?

There are basically 3 steps;

  • Create the payment link for the payment which is same as Payoneer way from SadaPay app
  • Share link with your clients via email, whatsapp, sms or any other way
  • Client will click on the link, s/he will pay you with credit card & you will receive the money

Now comes my questions;

  • How is this different from Payoneer?
  • Do they have a plan to directly connected with fiverr as major payments of freelancers come from fiverr to payoneer then our bank accounts?

Share your confusions and questions in the comments below and hopefully someone from SadaPay will reach out and reply you back.

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