Pros and Cons of Electric Cars

Pros and Cons of Electric Cars!

Pros and Cons of Electric Cars is something we need to know as the world is moving towards it. We all know the current petrol cars are not healthy and environmental friendly and auto industry is working on electric cars for some time now.


Many people love the current petrol cars but there are many who are waiting for these electric vehicles on the roads. In this article I will share detailed advantages and disadvantages of electric cars.

Advantages of Electric Cars:

  • Environmental Friendly
  • Charge like a mobile at home
  • Noise Free Engine
  • Cheaper than Petrol
  • Good for small distance
  • Easy Maintenance

Environmental Friendly:

Here we are comparing engine cars with Electric Vehicles (EV). EV is environment friendly because it will not feed smoke to the air.

Smoke created by petrol engines are said to be the reason of global warming. It hits ozone layers too in scientific terms.

On the other hand EV is green factor to this world.


Check this picture, you will see the world is suffering from the car smoke;

Car Exhaust. Royalty Free Cliparts, Vectors, And Stock ...

Charge like a mobile at home:

So you will not need to go to gas stations everytime as you will be able to charge EV cars at home too. Although there will be petrol stations who will provide these services but these will be for long routes.

If you are driving in the same city and you just have to go and come back then you may not need to stay in long queue at gas stations.


Noise Free Engine:

Something I really admire and appreciate about these EV cars. You will have some silent and relaxing journey as you will not hear any engine noise or any other.

Noise is that silent killer we all know about. It ruins the peace of mind, people get angry all the time due to this.

Electric cars could sound really weird thanks to new EU ...

Cheaper than Petrol:

For most of Us it may be cheaper choice than petrol. Recently oil industry has faced loads of ups and downs due to pandemic but usually it is not the case.

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Good for small distance

If you want a car for home use like going for monthly grocery, or pick and drop of Adam (6 year old child) from school or going to aunty near you for dinner.

Map-Estimation and Arc-Length | Mr Honner

Easy Maintenance

As per the news, the maintenance of EV is way less than the other cars. Also it will not take much time like others.

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Now we need to share the cons of the EV which most of us ignore because of the pros.

Disadvantages of Electric Cars:

  • Less Horse Power
  • Could increase electricity bills
  • No variety
  • Ok for 2 persons but cannot pick whole family.

Less Horse Power:

These cars may not have stregth to go up hills and may not pull any weights like other cars do.

May be in future auto industry improves this but not till now.

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Could increase electricity bills:

In a 3rd world countruies electricity bills are higher than we think, charging these cars will result unbearable bills.


No variety:

New concept less choices. User will not have many options to choose from, may be you find different colors but design will be same.


Ok for 2 persons but cannot pick whole family:

It may not pick whole family to go out for any event. It has less space and less power.

So this was it for Pros and Cons of Electric Cars, if we have missed any point, let us know in comments section below.

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