Here is why PayPal Account in Pakistan is important

Here is why PayPal Account in Pakistan is important!

For the longest time Pakistani are looking forward to PayPal Account in Pakistan. In this blog I will share the list of points which PayPal should consider and come to Pakistan.

I am gonna divide this blog in 2 parts

1) What’s in it for PayPal?

2) How important it is for Pakistanis?

What’s in it for PayPal?

Indeed after PayPal launch in Pakistan, the payments will become lot easier as most of people use it in 1 way or the other.

  • As I am freelancer, the team PayPal should know that we are 4th largest community of freelancers which makes us great ratio of overall freelance industry.
  • We are 60% youth in our population, so if payments become easier, most of will be using it.
  • Pakistan is 6th in Population in entire globe, which makes us great target audience for the company
  • With launch of PayPal, there will be loads of international brands would come including Amazon & other big giants.
  • So overall, I see growth and loads of business opportunities.


Here is why PayPal Account in Pakistan is important

How important it is for Pakistanis?

Pakistan is growing economy with a lot of potential, with paypal launch;

  • Our eCommerce industry will boost to next level.
  • Business with international clients will be easier than before
  • All the transactions will be recorded so it will help our economy.
  • Freelancers will have fair amount of the projects as it will lower down the costs which banks and 3rd parties charge
  • New opportunities will be generated for Pakistanis.

How to create PayPal Account in Pakistan?

For now it’s unavailable in Pakistan but people register their LLC in United States and can use PayPal on their business details.

We are hopeful that soon PayPal will be available in Pakistan as government is working day in and day out to bring the big tech giants to country!

I hope to use Paypal in Pakistan soon.

Comment below if I missed any point.

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