Mcdonald’s Pakistan Celebrating Sindhi Cultural Day, here’s my experience;

Today out of nowhere me and my family decided to go to Mcdonald’s. When we reached there, driver parked the car and I went to order, they said counter is closed due to unfortunate covid situation and you will have to order via drive through.

While all this happening, I noticed ajrak’s decoration along with chabi (the Sindhi plate you can say) on all the walls.

Well, I requested driver to go to drive through, when we went there the lady on the microphone welcomed us in Sindhi.

She said, “Bhali kare aya”, it means in english is “welcome”. Being Sindhi background I started talking in Sindhi saying should I order in Sindhi as well?

She laughed and said no Sir, you got to order in urdu/english.

I ordered and when we went to next counter for paying the bills, what we saw the staff at Mcdonald’s Pakistan was wearing the Sindhi Ajrak.

I asked them is there anything special today? He replied that Mcdonald’s Pakistan celebrate Sindhi Culture every year.

I told them we Sindhis celebrate Sindh Culture on 1st Sunday of December every year. The guy at the counter said really? but we celebrate it on this day ie; August 7th.

When I corrected him he said there is complimentary fries for you at next counter.

We paid and discussed a bit and moved on, I was excited and took this picture while paying.

Purpose of writing the story;

Wanted to let everyone I know that we celebrate Sindhi Cuture day on 1st Sunday of December every year. We all gather togather, play Sindhi music, cook Sindhi food, wear our very own Ajrak and Topi.

We enjoy the day with peaceful ralies with friends and we do speeches. Purpose of Sindhi Cultural day is to show everyone that we are peaceful and loving people with great quality of hospitality.

How to order Sindhi Topi and Ajrak Online?

Here is the website you can order online and they will deliver at your doorstep.

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