Latest PUBG Update:

Latest PUBG Update is something every game lover is talking about and want to what it is come up with.

It is now one of the top ranked and most played game around the world, it has been updated to PUBG 7.2

Top demanded changes in the new game are;

  • Rank Mode
  • Bots Players
  • weapon upgrades
  • And more.

Rank Mode:

As mentioned in the picture, there will be six ranks, each rank will come up after winning some games and earning rank points.

Rank Points can be earned by adjustments made after winning or performance in the match.

As a player you will also receive rank points at the end of season if you are in ranked mode.

Bots Players

Its a gameplay of pubg mobile, go check out the full video ...
Via pinterest

Like most of other fighting games, this game will also have bots mode, where you will be playing against or with bots in the game.

Why bots?

So that you as low level player could practice of winning on bots and learn more. Bots will decrease once you level up.

weapon upgrades

More amazing weapons and heavy weaponry will be seen in new update in the game.

And more.

Here is the list of updates on official website of the game. Here!

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