Job Scams in Dubai

Job Scams in Dubai

Job Scams in Dubai is very common and many of job seekers have faced this including me. Let me share my story in this and how you can save yourself from being trapped in this.

90% people come to Dubai for jobs as it is one of the best economies and tax free
I mentioned in this blog too Why Dubai?

Like everyone else, I was applying day in and day out, created multiple profiles on multiple job portals (list of the portals, I will share in some other blog)

My Experience of Job Scams in Dubai:

Once fine evening on Friday, I got a response, where lady shared details that;

“You applied for this position on this platform, we have scheduled your interview on Saturday at 4 PM, please note the address and you can reach [name] at reception”

I was excited like anything as this was the 1st interview call. Was living at least 30 Kilometers from the interview location.

Well, got dressed up 2 hours before, took taxi so that I do not get late and paid around 65 AED and reached at reception, the lady asked me to wait. After just 1 minute they called.

Here it got interesting, I went inside the lady asked did you bring your CV, I said you must have it as I applied but she rudely replied that you must bring your cv when coming to interview.

I replied to her that this is digital world, can you please print it?

Her 1st and only question, please tell about yourself.

I replied, shared my qualification and experience.

Here she started explaining about the job, she said, this is marketing job and you will have to give 300 AED as we will need it to get your registration and your employee card, it will be returned to you after 1 week of your work.

She created some kind of urgency, do you have your passport copy?

I was like, wait what? You called me for interview to tell me this? If you could have called me and told me that this will happen in interview I would have never come.

I spent 60 AED for this? Sorry I am not uncomfortable, she started becoming rude and so was I.

Well this was it, I stood up and left the room.

Here is how you can save yourself from job interview scam in Dubai?

Remember these while you go for any interview anywhere in the world;

  • Original companies respond in emails
  • They have proper websites
  • Proper Company names
  • Branding outside their office
  • Well decorated office and people at the gate to welcome you
  • Internet and modern so that they can print your cv!
  • Never ask you a penny for anything!

Do not do these things;

  • Do not take your CV, Passport, visa in the 1st interview, it’s never required!
  • Never ever share your personal information on your CV or send any document on WhatsApp!

Here is the list of other common scams in Dubai:

Be Careful of these Common Scams in Dubai

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