Jazz introduces JazzFi (Voice over WiFi – VoWiFi)

Jazz, one of the leading telecom company in Pakistan has introduced JazzFi, an innovative feature which allows you to make and receive GSM calls and SMS messages on your mobile number over any available Wi-Fi network.

Beauty of this will be, you will not require any additional apps to use the feature. This will enable you to stay connected even in areas with weak or no mobile signals, as it extends the reach of your mobile phone’s communication capabilities.

Here is the list of features you should expect;

  • Make/Receive Regular GSM Calls/SMS:

With this you can make and receive phone calls and text messages, same as you would do on a regular mobile phone signals using GSM network (Global System for Mobile Communications).

  • Using Your Mobile Number:

This feature will be enabled on your exisitng mobile number, you do not need to go with special numbers of JAZZ.

  • Over Any WiFi:

Just connect with the wifi and start using it. You will need cellular networks (like 3G, or 4G) for connectivity. With this latest feature JazzFi, you will bypass the need for a cellular network and rely on a Wi-Fi network instead.

  • Without Any Additional App:

No additional dedicated app required for this. It implies that the functionality is built directly into your phone’s software or operating system, enabling you to use it without the need for any external software.

  • Even in Places with Low or No Mobile Signals:

So no tension if you are sitting in basement or in areas where the mobile network coverage is weak or nonexistent, where you cannot receive signals but just wifi. After enabling this feature you will be able to receive and make calls over wifi.

By utilizing a Wi-Fi network, which may be available even in places with poor cellular signal strength, you can still make and receive calls and SMS messages using your mobile number.

How to enable JazzFi on android phone?

Enable Wifi > Go to settings > Click activate Wifi Calling

How to activate Jazzfi on Apple?

Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options > Voice & Data

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