If there was no YouTube world?

If there was no YouTube world?

YouTube World does not need any introduction, it is top video platform where you can find everything, i mean it everything.

Some use it to learn, others use it to teach (I love teaching and sharing reviews on youtube), some use for entertainment (I am getting bored and have nothing to do, open YT and listen to songs old and new) and other use it as earning medium (I am good at speaking or acting and cannot find a job due to competition, let’s open youtube and start my career).

So in this article I will share my experience in life what would life be like if there was no YouTube World.

  • Music and Entertainment (A perfect solution to overcome boring)
  • Trending and viral Videos (Latest and most watched things)
  • Learning (A FREE Online School)
  • Make dollars by just creating video content (Job platform for many)
  • Advertising industry
  • Low level gaming industry (We could not know much about games and how to play)
  • People with less skills (I might not be writing content or making websites because I never learnt it in university)
  • Reviews (Purchase might have been difficult because I could not see the review)
  • You must be thinking there would have been alternate to YT but I will share why YT is better than all other video based platforms.

Music and Entertainment:

Old people could not listen to old songs or new generation could not see how the world looked like before them. I can find old and latest songs now, even there are so many productions which upload old movies on YT. So yes world would be boring without YT.

How could I see the amazing and emerging talent which I listen to on daily basis. I listen to new music hear new lyrics and it would have been very difficult without YT.

Music, movies, seasons, TV shows would not have been this much popular as they are now.

Yes, these musicians run their home from youtube.

Trending and viral Videos:

YT tells me what people are watching and sharing, this keeps me updated and know about latest happenings around the world.

It is great way to see new things as trends change every minute.


For most of the people around the world YT is a FREE learning institute where you go search and learn a skill. Most of the time when we have any question in the lecture we cannot go to lecturer’s house but we ask youtube and learn it, even our teachers use it to learn and teach their students.

Most of the online academy use YT and upload their videos and sell their courses to students, those videos are not public.

Make dollars by just creating video content:

Another amazing thing which differentiates YT from other video platforms is that they pay you if your content is getting bunch of good visitors, if people subscribe your channel.

Here is the terms set by YT;

  • For this scheme your channel needs to have 4000 watch hours and 1000 subs.

Advertising industry:

This is one of the top billion dollar industry, you must have seen ads on videos, those are the ones where companies invest and YT shares from profits.

Earning model of YT is ads companies put on videos.

Low level gaming industry:

Do you know a research says gaming industry revenue is around 159 billion dollars by the end of 2020? Thinking how am I connecting gaming industry with YT? Well it is simple you watch those guys who make videos of their gaming and upload it then you follow them and apply those tactics and sometimes you come up with new ones.

People with less skills:

I would not be writing this article if there was no YT, because I learnt content writing on YT and started my own blogging website. So I would not possess these skills if there was no YT.

Imagine if there were no school would you be able to read this? YT is first FREE educational institute.


Thanks to people who review different things and make video, this helps a lot of people who want to know about the product before making a purchase.

Want to buy car, watch review, if you wanna buy laptop, mobile, game or anything in this world we always want to know their feedback.

YT is the place.

Why other alternative of YT fails or do not succeed as much as YT does.

  • FREE
  • It pays to the uploader or content creator.
  • It is old and trustworthy.
  • Faster and amazing server response.
  • If you know any other reason, please mention in the comments box below.

Here is the list of things I do on youtube;

  • It has been sometime now when I joined YT. I started off to just put my videos so that they could always be available on cloud.
  • Later when I saw people are making dollars from it, then I decided to upload my content.
  • I am 90s kid so I love old songs so I choose YT for this.
  • I recommend all my clients to use YT as digital marketing platform.
  • Find new content every minute.
  • Learn small skills on daily basis.
  • Have fun with my family.

I also wrote these amazing tricks;

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