How to use Mail App in windows 10?

How to use Mail App in windows 10?

Ever wondered what is that app doing in your laptop/desktop and how to get full benefit from it? But due to its setup you just avoid setting it up and open your emails in browser rather than in mail app.

Do not worry we have made that easy and we will help you set it up step by step, so that you can enjoy it forever and thank Us later.

We have made 2 parts of this article;

  1. Setup of Mail app on windows 10
  2. Benefits of Mail app.

How to use Mail App in windows 10? Setup of Mail app on windows 10

Open Windows App:

Windows 10 Mail app testing new user interface for insiders

When you click the app it will show like this.

Setting up email accounts:

Once the app is opened and you are using it first time, it will ask you to add one or multiple accounts, whichever email service you use outlook (Previously Hotmail), Gmail, Yahoo or icloud.

If you have other personal website you can create pop3 and imap too.

Link inboxes:

Once you have added emails 1 or multiple, you now need to link up your inboxes.

Linked inbox connects inboxes of different emails’ inboxes and you will receive mails in one place.

Change sync settings as per your requirements;

Click on the account and go to sync settings from changing the labels of the accounts you can change everything you need as per your requirement.

Show/Hide navigation bar;

Left hand bar is very useful and it has many options, but if you want to have better screen resolution, you can hide it by clicking and you can bring it back again clicking on it.

Receive, reply and send emails from mail app:

It works as same as your emails in browser, the major difference is here you can use multiple accounts and free from hustle of opening every email separately.

Multiple messages on single screen

Most of the times we open multiple screens to look out or compare different things, mail app for windows 10 offers you this option that you can open multiple emails on single screen.

Amazing email options;

User friendly options are available which includes delete, copy, move etc on single left click.

Check here;

On the other hand you can change the background colors and many other options.

Lastly, you can make different folders;

Part II:
Benefits mail app provides;

  • You can have multiple email accounts in single app.
  • Single inbox for multiple emails.
  • Customize as per your needs.

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Pictures are taken from Microsoft Mail.

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