How to reset Oppo phone

How to reset Oppo phone?

For a non techie person it is challenging to reset phones and find ways to do it, so I will make it simple for you where you can reset your Oppo phone.

So if you want to reset your phone to its factory settings;

(Now you may ask what is factory settings? Well it means it resets you complete phone and bring it back to very default settings like a new phone)

Well, here is how you can do reset;

  • Go to Settings App on your oppo phone
  • Go to Additional Settings
  • There you will see the option Back up and reset
  • Select theReset option.

You phone will be reset to very default like a brand new mobile.

On the other hand, you can also reset your phone by using the Oppo Recovery Mode.

Now the question is why do you want to reset completely as you will loose all your data including;

  • Messages
  • Apps that are installed
  • Call records
  • Images and Videos (Gallery)
  • Important notes
  • Everything

Although there are some conditions in which you surely should reset your smartphone;

  • If you are selling your phone to someone
  • If you are continuously facing some technical issues like lagging or slow mobile.
  • No matter what your reason could be for resetting your Oppo phone, the guide I have shared above is how you can reset completely.

I am using Oppo F11 Pro for last 3 years, which phone you are using or planning to get? Also now that you are searching or changing phone can you recommend to people who may read your comment which next phone should they buy?

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