How to Earn from YouTube

How to Earn from YouTube?

YouTube is becoming one of the great source of income, for some people it’s passive income and for others full time business. In this blog I am going to share How to Earn from YouTube.

Here is the list of ways;

  • From Adsense (Youtube partner product)
  • Promoting someone’s product/services and shout outs
  • Affiliates
  • Promoting your own business
  • Fans/Followers support
  • Content Subscription

Let me explain each in details;

From Adsense (Youtube partner product):

When you meet certain criteria on YouTube, they pay you as per their partners program, that is called adsense.

Eligibility criteria of earning on youtube;

  • 1000 subscribers
  • 1000 hours watch time

Youtube runs ads on your videos and you get paid.

Promoting someone’s product/services and shout outs:

Once you have good number of subscribers on youtube there are so many brands who will pay you to promote their products in your video or just give them shout out in your video.

Brands get their promotion and you get paid for their promotion.

Example: You may have seen many youtubers promoting brands in their videos.


Affiliate is commission based earning, if any of your subscriber signs up/register or buy using your link, you get a commission on each sale.

The best affiliate program is of Amazon, where you could get great commission.

Now if you buy something from this link:

I will get some small % of commission.

Promoting your own business:

There are many youtube influencers who created their channel first then when they had some followings they started their own brand.

They sell it with videos on their youtube channels.

Fans/Followers support:

Have you ever heard of patreon or buymeacoffee?

Well, these are platforms where people support their favorite youtuber or content creators by giving them funds could be $5 or 100s of thousands.

If you want to support me, just click here and buymeacoffee;

Content Subscription:

People sell their subscription on Youtube means only subscribers can watch your content.

Example if you have any course, you can upload it for your subscribers only.

So these are the ways people earn from youtube. Share this blog if anyone is searching for How to Earn from YouTube?

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