How to do social media marketing for FREE?

How to do social media marketing for FREE?

How to do social media marketing for FREE? Do you love free things like I do?

Social Media Marketing -

Probably Yes.

Most of us use social media including facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin, whatsapp and many others, mostly we scroll up and down to see if you find anything interesting. Most of the time we just use it for hours and we get nothing in return except those update which friend or family member had a lunch at xyz place.

Why not make that time useful and use it for free marketing of your business and earn from it, increase clients and reach?

This article I will share with you How to do social media marketing for FREE? You have to read it full and you when you will leave our website you will have something in mind.

Gone the times when we used to communicate with friends on these social media platforms, now mostly people use it for business purposes, to get more traffic to their online businesses or blog like us.

We will discuss these 5 platforms in detail how to take business out of these.

Facebook Marketing for FREE:

FB offers 2 things which have been proved great for businesses.

  • FB Groups
  • Pages by Facebook

Facebook Groups:

It is a feature where we make a closed, private or public group and gather all your potential and loyal customers and updates them about your new offers and products/services.

FREE, You do not have to pay to FB or anything, all you have to invite single friend rest people search in search bar, finds you and join your group.

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Pages by Facebook:

These days every business has a business page on FB, even linkedin has its own official FB page.

Once page is published now connect that page to your group to get likes and comments and that will trigger traffic to your website.

I know it is quite lengthy process but trust me it is worth it.

The question is how to gain free group joins and FB likes for FREE?

Follow these steps:

  • Share:
    Spread your pages’ link to maximum groups of your niches, mostly groups will be public and let you post your marketing material.
  • Engage:
    People ask people, you know your niche if someone ask any question related to your niche, answer them and at the end ask them to follow you on your page. Now here you did 2 things, 1 you answered or solved anyone’s problem and 2nd you just marketed for FREE.
  • In this modern world we know almost 1 thousand friends and getting 1st 1000 likes on FB page is difficult, once you have 1000 likes FB shows your pages in suggestions to your potentials.

Instagram marketing for FREE:

Now this is 2nd most and very important social media platform to get clients.

I will tell you how to do free marketing on Instagram:

  • Keep Consistency:
    You have to be consistent on posting on daily basis. You should post any picture related to your brand or your niche.
  • Use #Tags
    # Hash Tags are very important in Instagram as many people search hashtags and your potential client will find you using those hash tags.
    Example: #TechOnClick #TechNews #TechUpdates #5Gupdates #TechnologyOnClick

    Here what I did is free marketing using my hashtags and you will do the same.
  • Follow people so that people follow you back.
    The more the followers, the more potential clients you will find.
    Follow regularly.
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IG main focus is pictures, always post high quality pictures which people fall in love an pictures should be related to your brand, a solution your brand provides and an answer to people’s question.

Linkedin Marketing for FREE:

Linkedin is another social media platform which maily focuses on professional networking.

You will find professional life of many including CEOs and founders of the company on linkedin, if your service is for these industry leaders then this is the place, use it wisely.

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Wondering how to do linkedin marketing for FREE?

  • Connect with Industry leaders
    Good thing about linkedin is that you can connect with any market leader of your niche.
    Add up to 10 connections daily.
  • Share your content to reach it to maximum.
  • On linkedin many people have questions related to jobs and work life, if you have anything to say, just comment and at the end a little marketing of your brand in 1 word is must.

Twitter marketing for FREE:

Twitter is the kind of latest trends and official announcements.

If you want to increase your reach and find potential clients, always write anything which is best possible on all the trends happening on twitter.

Hashtags are very important as discussed in instagram marketing.

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Whatsapp marketing for FREE:

Two important things to keep in mind when you want to do whatsapp marketing.

  • Respond
    Customers feel owned if they get responds if not seconds but in minutes.
    Take an example of our friends if they respond when we need them we love them more, same goes for brands, if they respond in time customer will fall in love more.
  • Join whatsapp groups
    Although there is few groups till now on whatsapp but you can find them and share your offers in groups, also you will find many news contacts to spread your word to them.
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Conclusion on social media marketing for FREE:

  • Consistent
  • Solve problems
  • Give bonuses
  • Try to make new connections daily
  • # Tags
  • Stay updated with market trends
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Consistent: Update on your profiles daily, twice a day if possible.

Solve problems: People love brands which solve the problems or give answers they have been looking for.

Give bonuses: I would feel amazing if any brand remembers my birthday and give discount to me on my birthday.

Try to make new connections daily: Use social media platforms closely and convert your potential customers to loyal ones.

# Tags: Tags have been important in this era.

Stay updated with market trends: You need to know what is happening around you and come up with ideas accordingly.

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