How to connect Instagram with Facebook Page on mobile

How to connect Instagram with Facebook Page on mobile?

How to connect Instagram with Facebook Page?

Connect Facebook account to Instagram is not that difficult as it seems. I will share with you how to connect Instagram with Facebook page on mobile in very simple steps;

  • Open Instagram App
  • Click on Settings
  • Go to Account
  • Now Link Accounts
  • Facebook
  • Choose where to share
  • Begin Sharing

Tip: In the end I will share the importance of Instagram’s connection with Facebook.

Open Instagram App

Before we begin we need our basic app open on mobile phone. Now you need to go to your profile, you can find it on the right bottom of the screen. This will show you your profile and other important information.

This is our profile’s screenshot.

Hit Follow TechOnClick on IG.

Click on Settings

With that do you see the 3 lines on the upper right corner? Click it. This will bring you to this screen below;

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is How-to-connect-Instagram-with-Facebook-Page-on-mobile-2.jpeg

Now here you will see the settings icon which will be again at the right bottom corner of the screen.

Also they have mentioned settings. Click there which will take you to next screen.

Go to Account

Do you see the Account along with person icon? That is where we will move next.

After clicking on Account, next screen will be like this;

Now Link Accounts

Now comes linking part, you see Link Accounts? Click and you will see the next step


Choose where to share

You can connect many other platforms as mentioned but we are talking about Facebook pages for now.

Follow these steps further;

Log in with Facebook
Facebook Instagram privacy
Instagram share settings
Facebook share to
Via hubspot

Select where you want to share, Facebook’s which page you manage and last.

Begin Sharing

Enjoy sharing. Share good, share positive.

Promised Tip: Importance of Instagram’s connection with Facebook.

Research says there is more engagement on visual content than written content, that is why around 71% of businesses use visuals to target their customers.

Sharing single content on all the social platforms seperately is legthy and time taking so to save from this Linking of Instagram to Facebook is important and easy.

Here is the list of benefits you might get when connect Instagram with Facebook Page:

  • It will save loads of time and you will just post on single platform rather going to every social platform separately.
  • Cost Saving.
  • You will deliver same message as company rather sharing different design for every social media.
  • Great way of engagement as mentioned above.

Another study shows that around 73% businesses share minimum 1 picture of small video on Instagram.

Which content you should share on Insta?

Customers love what interests them, be it some offer, or any tip or trick, behind the scenes things and some new upcoming event. You have to be careful while designing and sharing the post as you may loose customer or win it.

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