Gmail redesign with improved features.

Gmail redesign with improved features.

Are you one of those who wished if we could get gmail redesign and get everything on the click and in single app? At least I wished for it and Google listened.

Gmail is coming with updated design and improved features. You will be seeing major work oriented apps in single app and this is going to be historical change for the search giant. They are going to integrate Google chat, Meet and Rooms in Gmail.

The main aim behind the concept is to gather major communication things at single place email, chat and video.

Here is the official video uploaded on youtube by gmail, have a look;

As the title says; introducing a better home for work, most of us has different use of google, some use it for email, others use it for meeting and to do list etc etc.

Now you may have used slack at your workplace which was launched back in time to replace email but it could not unfortunately and Gmail will be the king of communication yet again.

As you can see everything in the video but let me write it for you what you will be getting in the coming update of gmail;

  • You will be able to access google drive directly from gmail app, it could be any files or to do list.
  • Have a room chat with people of other companies which could be your client or service provider.
  • Why leave hat room when you need gmail, access both of them in single app.
  • Search chat messages like we do on whatsapp and amazing thing is that you will be able to forward those too.
  • Going out of office? Put a note of out of office or do not distrub.
  • Boss can ban and unban you from joining meeting.
  • You will be able to use Meet using Google docs.
  • Last but not least you can take picture in picture calls.
taken from google.

So you must be looking for when it is coming to your mobile or laptop screen?

Well Google has not yet confirmed when this will be updated but being fan of gmail services I am eagerly waiting for such change.

What do you think about this, will this remove slack completely? Please share your feedback in comments below.

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