Google introduced Generative AI Course for FREE

Google introduced Generative AI Course for FREE

As google has stepped in Generative AI in almost all of it’s services including google search, email, docs, images etc. Google has introduced Generative AI Course to understand it better.

Here is what you should expect from Generative AI Course;

  • Generative AI
  • Large Language Models
  • Transformer Models
  • Image Generation
  • Machine Learning
  • TensorFlow on Google Cloud
  • Advanced machine learning courses
  • Natural Language Processing
  • And more

To make all courses easier for learners, they have divided courses in to;

  • New training materials
  • Introductory-level courses
  • Intermediate-level courses, and
  • Advanced courses

If you are good learner you can finish most of these in just few hours or max 1 day at most.

Here is what google says;

We are happy to announce a new set of generative AI training content available at no cost. So, whether you are just getting started or already have a more advanced role, read on to find ways to help reach your desired position.

Check out more about the courses here;

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