Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro VR headset announced by Apple

Apple vision pro is going to be next big thing in VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality). Till date we have been seeing posts related to VR headsets by Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg but Apple announced that it is going to launch their Apple Vision Pro VR headset in the beginning of next year 2024.

Augmented Reality with AppleVisionPro;

Features of Apple Vision Pro VR headset;

  • It will have two 1080p OLED displays (a combined of 23 millions pixels)
  • Advanced powerful processor
  • Number of sensors to track your head & hand movements
  • Withour controller, meaning you will be able to control with hands and head movements
  • Eyesight which will enable to see through it in real time.
  • Digital Persona, the other you will be created digitally
  • Passthrough feature which will enable you to see real world including maps and videos
  • Bluetooth connectivity to make you more productive and you will be able to use magic keyboard and trackboard
  • Mac connection, to stay connected with your mac
  • Number of built in apps (I will share image below)
apps on vision pro vr apple
image by cnet

Who is the right audience for this VR headset?

Apple is targetting over all everyone but these will be major target audience, gamers, developers, businesses and consumers.

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Cost of Vision Pro VR headset?

Expected cost of the VR is $3499

Will you buy, tell us in comments below.

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